About Us​

Kids Agogo is a family travel blog and guide for families who want to plan their own epic travel adventures without breaking the bank.

Our website covers:

  • Travel Guides: comprehensive destination guides based on our personal experience or on our research.
  • Itineraries: recommended day-to-day travel plan for different destinations
  • Bucket Lists: inspiring lists of places we hope to visit or activities other families would enjoy. 
  • Reviews: our own or third-party reviews of accommodations, attractions, and activities.

Our Travel Philosophy

This is how we approach traveling as a family:

  • The joy of travel is not just the actual trip itself but also the anticipation before and the reminiscing after.
  • Part of the fun of travel is researching and planning, so we prefer not to use travel agencies. It’s time-consuming, but we enjoy it.
  • We love DIY travel in general, but we buy tours for particular parts of our trip when it makes more sense.
  • We’re not digital nomads. We didn’t quit our jobs to travel the world. We’re a regular family who loves to travel once or twice a year. So, we make sure every trip counts.  
  • We’re neither budget nor luxury travelers. We’re more mid-range.  However, we cut costs on things that don’t matter to us and splurge on experiences that could be once-in-a-lifetime.
  • We save money by traveling during the off-season, usually in winter when accommodations and excursions are cheaper. Plus, we love cold weather.
  • We don’t stay at hostels or cheap hotels. We want to return to a clean, cozy, and comfy room after a whole day of walking.
  • We want to see famous landmarks, even if they are touristy. However, we make sure we go beyond just checking off a list. We take a little more time experiencing each place.
  • Immersing ourselves in the local culture is a priority. It’s not just sightseeing. It’s doing the same things the locals do.
  • While we don’t mind eating at an international chain to cut costs, we make sure we try local and traditional cuisine, and occasionally splurge at a homegrown restaurant we’ll never find anywhere else.
  • We like to soak in each moment. But we also like to capture each one by taking pictures and videos.
  • We love photography and hate crappy pictures where everyone’s standing stiffly in front of a famous landmark.
  • We spend our sweet time taking a lot of photos. Beautiful travel photos make us happy and bring us back to those places.
  • We also enjoy editing our family travel videos. They extend our happiness from our travel experience.
If you share some or all of how we approach family travel, then we hope you enjoy reading Kids Agogo.

Our Family

We’re from the Philippines, where it’s hot and humid half the time, and the rest is wet and stormy. We like to go to countries with cold climates. 

Individually, as a couple, or as a family, we’ve been to China, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand in Asia Pacific; Estonia, Finland, France, Portugal, and Spain in Europe; and Canada and the United States in North America.


Chief Writer, Photographer & Luggage Carrier


Primary Travel Planner, Video Editor & Expert Packer


Otaku, K-Pop Fan & Occasional Writer


Main Model, Comic Relief & Occasional GoPro Videographer

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